Abroad - REF

Abroad (adverb):Meaning: In or to a foreign country; outside of one's own country.


  1. She decided to study abroad to experience a different culture.
  2. They took a vacation abroad to explore new places.
  3. His job required him to travel abroad frequently.

Synonyms: Overseas, internationally, in foreign lands, in a foreign country.

Antonyms: Domestically, locally, at home, within the country.


  1. Travel abroad: Many students dream of the opportunity to travel abroad for education.
  2. Live abroad: After retiring, they plan to live abroad in a warmer climate.
  3. Work abroad: He was offered a job opportunity to work abroad in a different branch.


  1. Go abroad: She decided to go abroad to broaden her horizons.
  2. From abroad: The company receives orders from abroad for their unique products.
  3. Study abroad: Many students aim to study abroad to enhance their education.


  1. Abroad experience: Living abroad experience can be both exciting and challenging.
  2. Abroad adventure: Their abroad adventure allowed them to meet people from diverse backgrounds.
  3. Abroad journey: His abroad journey led him to discover his true passions.


  1. Move abroad: They made the decision to move abroad for a fresh start.
  2. Explore abroad: They saved up to explore abroad and discover new cultures.
  3. Stay abroad: Her plans were to stay abroad for a year to gain new perspectives.

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