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Alert (noun/verb/adjective):Meaning (noun): A state of being watchful, attentive, and prepared for potential danger, opportunity, or information.


  1. The security team was on high alert following reports of a possible security breach.
  2. The weather forecast issued a severe storm alert for the region.
  3. The hiker's keen sense of alertness helped them avoid encountering a wild animal.

Meaning (verb): To warn or notify someone about a potential danger or situation that requires attention.


  1. The police were quick to alert the residents about the recent spike in burglaries.
  2. The software alerts users when there's an update available.
  3. The lifeguard alerted the swimmers about the approaching thunderstorm.

Meaning (adjective): Being watchful, attentive, and prepared for potential danger or opportunity.


  1. The security team is always on alert during high-profile events.
  2. The driver remained alert while navigating through the heavy traffic.
  3. The soldiers were alert and ready for any unexpected movement.

Synonyms: Vigilant, watchful, attentive, cautious, aware.

Antonyms: Unaware, oblivious, careless, inattentive.


  1. Alert level: The authorities raised the alert level due to a potential threat.
  2. Stay alert: It's important to stay alert while crossing the busy street.
  3. Alert system: The school has an effective emergency alert system.


  1. On high alert: The city was on high alert after the terrorist threat.
  2. Sound the alert: The captain ordered to sound the alert as the storm approached.
  3. Alert and ready: The team was alert and ready for the competition.


  1. Be on alert: Make sure to be on alert for any suspicious activity.
  2. Remain alert: The hikers were advised to remain alert for changes in weather.
  3. Stay on alert: It's wise to stay on alert when walking alone at night.


  1. Raise the alert: The police department decided to raise the alert due to the increasing crime rate.
  2. Keep alert: The security personnel were instructed to keep alert at all times.
  3. Emergency alert: The emergency alert warned citizens about the impending tornado.

Word Family (noun):

  • Alertness (noun): The quality of being alert and watchful.

Word Family (verb with prefix: "re-"):

  • Realert (verb): To make someone alert again or to be alerted again.

Word Family (noun with suffix: "-ness"):

  • Alertness (noun): The state of being alert and watchful.

Word Family (noun with suffix: "-er"):

  • Alerter (noun): A device or system that gives alerts or warnings.

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