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Ambitious (adjective):Meaning: Having a strong desire to achieve success, power, or greatness; having high aspirations and goals.


  1. She had an ambitious plan to start her own business and become an entrepreneur.
  2. His ambitious goal was to climb the highest peaks on every continent.
  3. The team's ambitious project aimed to revolutionize the industry.

Synonyms: Aspiring, determined, driven, goal-oriented, motivated.

Antonyms: Unambitious, content, complacent, indifferent, unmotivated.


  1. Highly ambitious: He was known for his highly ambitious nature and tireless work ethic.
  2. Ambitious project: The company embarked on an ambitious project to develop groundbreaking technology.
  3. Ambitious goals: She set ambitious goals for her career and personal growth.


  1. Reach for the stars: He always encouraged his students to reach for the stars and be ambitious.
  2. Bite off more than you can chew: Taking on too much can lead to failure, so it's important not to bite off more than you can chew.
  3. Shoot for the moon: Her philosophy was to always shoot for the moon and be ambitious in every endeavor.


  1. Chase big dreams: He was never one to settle; he wanted to chase big dreams and be ambitious.
  2. Aim for greatness: The team was encouraged to aim for greatness and pursue their ambitious goals.
  3. Strive for excellence: The company's culture was to strive for excellence and be ambitious in all aspects.


  1. Ambitious pursuit: His ambitious pursuit of success led him to overcome many challenges.
  2. Pursue ambitious goals: She inspired others to pursue ambitious goals and never give up.
  3. An ambitious endeavor: Starting a new business was an ambitious endeavor that required dedication.

Word Family:

  • Ambition (noun)
  • Ambitiously (adverb)
  • Unambitious (adjective)
  • Ambitiousness (noun)

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