Approval - REF

Approval (noun):Meaning:

  1. The act of officially agreeing to or accepting something, often with a positive judgment or endorsement.
  2. Consent or authorization given to a person, action, or decision.


  1. The board of directors gave their approval for the new project to proceed.
  2. Her hard work earned her the approval of her supervisor.
  3. The audience's enthusiastic response was a clear sign of their approval.


  1. Agreement, endorsement, sanction.
  2. Consent, permission, authorization.


  1. Disapproval, rejection, denial.
  2. Prohibition, forbiddance, disallowance.


  1. Seek approval: Before making any major decisions, it's wise to seek approval from higher authorities.
  2. Receive approval: After weeks of preparation, the project finally received approval from the management.
  3. Obtain approval: The architect needs to obtain approval for the building design before construction begins.


  1. Get the nod of approval: Her innovative idea got the nod of approval from the team.
  2. Give one's stamp of approval: The CEO gave his stamp of approval to the new marketing strategy.
  3. Win someone's approval: Her dedication and commitment won her supervisor's approval.


  1. Approval process: The approval process can sometimes be time-consuming due to various layers of review.
  2. Approval rating: The president's approval rating among the citizens has been steadily increasing.
  3. Approval from above: Without approval from above, we can't proceed with this project.


  1. Awaiting approval: The project is currently awaiting approval from the regulatory authorities.
  2. Conditional approval: The bank granted a conditional approval for the loan pending additional documentation.
  3. Unanimous approval: The proposal received unanimous approval from the committee members.

Word Family (verb):

  • Approve (verb): To formally agree to or accept something, often with a positive judgment or endorsement.
  • Disapprove (verb): To express negative judgment or lack of acceptance towards something.
  • Approvingly (adverb): In a manner that shows agreement, support, or positive judgment.

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