Aware - REF

Aware (adjective):Meaning: Having knowledge, understanding, or realization about something; conscious of a fact or situation.


  1. She became aware of the approaching storm and decided to stay indoors.
  2. He wasn't aware of the new company policy until he received the memo.
  3. The children are aware that their behavior affects those around them.

Synonyms: Conscious, knowledgeable, informed, cognizant, alert.

Antonyms: Unaware, ignorant, oblivious, unconscious, uninformed.


  1. Fully aware: He is fully aware of the consequences of his actions.
  2. Barely aware: She was barely aware of the time passing while reading.
  3. Aware of the risks: They were aware of the risks involved in the adventure.


  1. Make aware: The presentation aimed to make the participants aware of the new regulations.
  2. Become aware: He gradually became aware of the subtle changes in the environment.


  1. Self-aware: Being self-aware is crucial for personal growth and development.
  2. Awareness campaign: The organization launched an awareness campaign for a social cause.
  3. Aware of surroundings: She remained aware of her surroundings while walking alone.

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