badge - REF

Badge (noun):Meaning: A small piece of metal, plastic, or cloth with a design or inscription, worn on clothing to indicate membership, rank, accomplishment, or affiliation; a distinctive emblem.


  1. He proudly wore his employee badge to access the building.
  2. The police officer displayed her badge as she approached the scene.
  3. The conference attendees received a commemorative badge upon registration.

Synonyms: Emblem, insignia, token, pin, crest.

Antonyms: Disguise, camouflage, concealment, anonymity.


  1. ID badge: All employees are required to wear their ID badges at all times.
  2. Security badge: The visitor was given a temporary security badge for access.
  3. Conference badge: The attendees received a personalized conference badge at the registration desk.


  1. Wear one's heart on one's sleeve: She tends to wear her heart on her sleeve, making her emotions obvious.
  2. Clean as a whistle: The room was clean as a whistle after she finished tidying up.
  3. Put a feather in one's cap: Earning that promotion was like putting a feather in his cap.


  1. Name badge: Make sure your name badge is visible during the event.
  2. Badge of honor: Overcoming challenges was a badge of honor for him.
  3. Earn a badge: She worked hard to earn a badge for her achievements.


  1. Badge of recognition: The award served as a badge of recognition for his dedication.
  2. Badge of authority: The officer's badge of authority was instantly recognizable.
  3. Collect badges: He enjoyed participating in activities to collect badges as a hobby.

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