Blunder - REF

Blunder (noun/verb):Meaning (noun): A careless or foolish mistake; an error resulting from lack of judgment or attention. Meaning (verb): To make a careless or foolish mistake; to act or speak in a clumsy or careless manner.


  1. His failure to double-check the calculations was a costly blunder.
  2. She blundered by mispronouncing the client's name during the presentation.
  3. The team's blunder led to the loss of an important contract.

Synonyms (noun): Mistake, error, gaffe, slip, oversight. Synonyms (verb): Make a mistake, err, stumble, goof, slip up.

Antonyms (noun/verb): Success, accuracy, achievement, accomplishment.


  1. Costly blunder: The company's failure to address customer complaints was a costly blunder.
  2. Avoid a blunder: Double-checking your work can help you avoid a blunder.
  3. Serious blunder: The team's serious blunder resulted in delays and frustration.


  1. Blunder one's way: Despite his confidence, he blundered his way through the interview.
  2. Blunder into: She didn't prepare and blundered into the meeting without a clear plan.
  3. Blunder on: The actor forgot his lines and had to blunder on until he remembered.


  1. Commit a blunder: It's embarrassing to commit a blunder during a crucial presentation.
  2. Blunder-prone: Some people are more blunder-prone when they're nervous.
  3. Blunder through: He tried to blunder through the difficult task without proper guidance.


  1. Make a blunder: She knew she had made a blunder when she saw everyone's puzzled expressions.
  2. Blunder out: He blundered out an apology after realizing his mistake.
  3. Blunder on something: They blundered on a solution by accident while experimenting.

Word Family (adjective):

  • Blundering (adjective): Marked by mistakes or clumsiness.
  • Blunderous (adjective): Characterized by blunders or errors.

Word Family (adverb):

  • Blunderingly (adverb): In a manner marked by blunders or mistakes.

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