Capable - REF

Capable (adjective):Meaning: Having the ability, skill, or capacity to do something; competent or proficient in performing a task or achieving a goal.


  1. She is a capable leader who can handle challenging situations effectively.
  2. The team demonstrated that they are capable of completing the project ahead of schedule.
  3. His capable hands guided the company through a period of growth and success.

Synonyms: Competent, skilled, proficient, able, talented.

Antonyms: Incompetent, incapable, inept, unskilled, unable.


  1. Capable of: He is capable of handling complex mathematical problems.
  2. Capable leader: The organization needs a capable leader to guide its future.
  3. Capable hands: The project is in capable hands with our experienced team.


  1. Cut out for: She's cut out for the job with her capable skills.
  2. Up to the mark: The team's performance was not up to the mark of being considered capable.
  3. Have what it takes: He certainly has what it takes to be a capable manager.


  1. Prove oneself capable: He had to prove himself capable of handling the responsibility.
  2. Fully capable: The team is fully capable of handling any challenges.
  3. Highly capable: Her highly capable approach to problem-solving was commendable.


  1. Capable of achieving: The team is capable of achieving remarkable results.
  2. Capable of adapting: He is capable of adapting to new situations quickly.
  3. Capable of delivering: She is capable of delivering impressive presentations.

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