Collective - REF

Collective (adjective/noun):Meaning:

  1. (Adjective) Involving or shared by all members of a group; belonging to or done by a group as a whole.
  2. (Noun) A cooperative enterprise or endeavor involving a group of individuals.


  1. The team's collective effort resulted in a successful project completion.
  2. The village made a collective decision to invest in renewable energy sources.
  3. The painting showcased the collective talent of the art class.


  1. (Adjective) Combined, joint, communal.
  2. (Noun) Group, association, ensemble.


  1. (Adjective) Individual, separate, isolated.
  2. (Noun) Individual, singular, solitary.


  1. Collective responsibility: Each member has a collective responsibility for the team's success.
  2. Collective decision-making: The organization believes in collective decision-making.
  3. Collective bargaining: The union engages in collective bargaining for better working conditions.


  1. Hive mind: The team worked as a hive mind to solve the complex problem.


  1. Collective consciousness: The artist's work reflects the society's collective consciousness.


  1. Collective effort: The success was the result of a collective effort.

Word Family:

  • Collectively (adverb): They worked collectively to achieve their goals.
  • Collectivism (noun): The political philosophy emphasizes collectivism over individualism.
  • Collector (noun): He's an avid art collector with a vast collection.
  • Collect (verb): They decided to collect donations for a charitable cause.
  • Collection (noun): Her stamp collection is extensive and valuable.

Collective - Collocation


  1. Collective Effort: Combined work or action undertaken by a group of individuals to achieve a common goal.
  2. Collective Responsibility: The shared accountability of a group for the outcomes of their actions or decisions.
  3. Collective Bargaining: The negotiation process between labor unions and employers to establish terms and conditions of employment for a group of workers.
  4. Collective Intelligence: The enhanced problem-solving and decision-making abilities that emerge when a group of people work together.
  5. Collective Action: Coordinated efforts by a group of people to bring about social, political, or economic change.
  6. Collective Memory: The shared knowledge, experiences, and history of a group or community.
  7. Collective Identity: The sense of belonging and shared characteristics that define a particular group.
  8. Collective Consciousness: The shared beliefs, values, and awareness that shape the worldview of a community or society.
  9. Collective Wisdom: The combined insights, knowledge, and expertise of a group, often resulting in well-informed decisions.
  10. Collective Impact: The cumulative effect and outcomes generated by collaborative initiatives and actions of multiple organizations or individuals.
  11. Collective Decision-Making: The process of reaching choices and conclusions through group deliberation and consensus-building.
  12. Collective Goods: Benefits or resources that are available to and benefit the entire group, often challenging the "free rider" problem.
  13. Collective Responsibility: The idea that all members of a group share responsibility for the actions and decisions of that group.

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