Comply - REF

Comply (verb):Meaning:To act in accordance with a request, demand, or rule; to follow instructions or conform to a requirement.


  1. He agreed to comply with the company's dress code policy.
  2. The students were asked to comply with the guidelines for the experiment.
  3. The restaurant had to comply with health and safety regulations.

Synonyms:Conform, obey, follow, adhere, abide by, accede, consent, yield, concur, heed.

Antonyms:Defy, disobey, resist, contradict, refuse, reject, disregard, violate, ignore, neglect.


  1. Comply with: All employees must comply with the company's code of conduct.
  2. Comply to: The company has to comply to certain industry regulations.
  3. Comply by: The students were required to comply by the school's policies.


  1. Fall into line: The team members were expected to fall into line and follow the new strategy.


  1. Toe the line: He always made sure to toe the line and follow the rules.


  1. Play by the rules: The athletes were reminded to always play by the rules.

Word Family:

  • Compliance (noun): Their compliance with the safety regulations ensured a smooth operation.
  • Compliant (adjective): The company was proud of its compliant workforce.

- Collocation


  1. Comply (with): To act in accordance with rules, regulations, requests, or demands; to conform or adhere to a particular requirement.
  2. Comply Strictly: To adhere closely and precisely to rules or instructions, often without deviation.
  3. Comply Fully: To completely and thoroughly adhere to or follow guidelines, often implying comprehensive adherence.
  4. Comply Willingly: To willingly and without resistance conform to requests, instructions, or expectations.
  5. Comply Unconditionally: To conform without imposing any conditions or reservations, often indicating a wholehearted acceptance.
  6. Comply Obligingly: To conform in a cooperative and accommodating manner, indicating a positive attitude towards compliance.
  7. Comply Promptly: To act without delay in accordance with a request, rule, or directive.
  8. Comply Reluctantly: To conform while showing hesitation, resistance, or reluctance, often due to disagreement or dissatisfaction.

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