Concord - Collocation


  1. Concord (between): Agreement, harmony, or a state of mutual understanding and peaceful coexistence between individuals, groups, or nations.
  2. Concordance of Opinions: Consistency or agreement of viewpoints or beliefs among different individuals or groups.
  3. Social Concord: A sense of unity and harmony within a society, often involving cooperation and shared values.
  4. Concord Treaty: An agreement or pact that establishes peaceful relations or cooperation between nations.
  5. Concord Music: A musical instrument brand or company known for producing high-quality instruments.
  6. Concordance (of a Text): An alphabetical list of words used in a text along with their references, often found in the back of religious or academic books.

These collocations provide different contexts in which the term "concord" is commonly used to describe agreement, harmony, and cooperation.

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