Concord - REF

Concord (noun):Meaning:Harmony, agreement, or a state of peaceful coexistence between individuals, groups, or ideas.


  1. The family lived in perfect concord, always supporting each other.
  2. The two nations signed a treaty to maintain concord and prevent conflicts.
  3. The concord among team members led to a successful project completion.

Synonyms:Harmony, agreement, peace, unity, consensus, accord, conformity, cohesion, concurrence, amity.

Antonyms:Conflict, disagreement, discord, disunity, disharmony, strife, divergence, opposition, discontent, hostility.


  1. In concord with: Her actions were in concord with her beliefs.
  2. Concord between: There was a concord between the management and the employees.
  3. Live in concord: The diverse community managed to live in concord despite their differences.


  1. In perfect harmony: The team worked together in perfect harmony to achieve their goals.


  1. Strive for concord: It's important to strive for concord in any relationship.


  1. Maintain concord: The leader's role is to maintain concord among the team members.

Word Family:

  • Concordance (noun): The concordance among the members led to a successful outcome.
  • Concordant (adjective): Their views were concordant, and they worked well together.

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