Conflict - Collocation


  1. Conflict (between): A state of disagreement, opposition, or clash between individuals, groups, nations, or ideas.
  2. Conflict Resolution: The process of addressing and resolving disputes, disagreements, or conflicts through negotiation, mediation, or other means.
  3. Conflict Management: The strategies and techniques used to handle and mitigate conflicts in various settings.
  4. Conflict of Interest: A situation where an individual's personal or financial interests may influence their decision-making in an impartial role.
  5. Internal Conflict: A psychological struggle within an individual's mind, often involving conflicting emotions, desires, or beliefs.
  6. Armed Conflict: A state of warfare or battle between armed forces or groups.
  7. Ethnic Conflict: A conflict arising from differences in ethnicity, culture, or identity between groups.
  8. Political Conflict: Disagreements and clashes related to political ideologies, policies, or power struggles.
  9. Interpersonal Conflict: Disagreements or disputes between individuals within personal or professional relationships.
  10. Conflict Zone: An area or region where armed or political conflicts are ongoing or have occurred.
  11. Conflict Resolution Skills: Abilities and techniques used to effectively manage and resolve conflicts in various contexts.

These collocations provide a range of contexts in which the term "conflict" is commonly used to describe different types and aspects of disagreements, clashes, and struggles.

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