Conscious - REF

Conscious (adjective):Meaning: Having awareness, knowledge, or realization; being awake and responsive to one's surroundings or emotions.


  1. She was conscious of the fact that time was running out.
  2. The patient remained conscious throughout the surgery.
  3. He made a conscious effort to improve his communication skills.

Synonyms: Aware, awake, mindful, alert, cognizant.

Antonyms: Unconscious, unaware, oblivious, inattentive, ignorant.


  1. Conscious decision: She made a conscious decision to pursue a new career path.
  2. Conscious effort: He put in a conscious effort to lead a healthier lifestyle.
  3. Conscious choice: Opting for the environmentally-friendly option was a conscious choice.


  1. Be conscious of something: She couldn't help but be conscious of the time ticking away.
  2. A conscious effort: He made a conscious effort to overcome his fear of public speaking.
  3. Awake and conscious: He was awake and conscious during the entire ordeal.


  1. Conscious awareness: The workshop aims to increase conscious awareness of personal biases.
  2. Conscious decision-making: The training helps improve conscious decision-making skills.
  3. Conscious of the impact: The team is conscious of the impact their choices have on the environment.


  1. Conscious of the surroundings: She remained conscious of her surroundings even in crowded places.
  2. Conscious of the consequences: He was conscious of the consequences of his actions.
  3. Conscious effort to improve: She made a conscious effort to improve her time management skills.

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