Convince - REF

Convince (verb):Meaning:To persuade or make someone believe in something or to be certain about something through logical reasoning, evidence, or argument.


  1. She used strong arguments to convince her colleagues to support the new project.
  2. The evidence presented in court was enough to convince the jury of the defendant's innocence.
  3. Despite initial doubts, the sales pitch managed to convince the customers to buy the product.


  1. Persuade, influence, sway.
  2. Win over, coax, assure.


  1. Dissuade, discourage, disprove.
  2. Mislead, deceive, confuse.


  1. Convince someone of something: He worked hard to convince his team of the importance of the new strategy.
  2. Convince someone to do something: She managed to convince him to join the volunteer program.
  3. Convince yourself: Take some time to research and convince yourself that you're making the right choice.


  1. Convince beyond a shadow of a doubt: The evidence was presented to convince beyond a shadow of a doubt.


  1. Need to be convinced: I'm not sure about this idea, I still need to be convinced.


  1. Convince through logical reasoning: He managed to convince the audience through logical reasoning.

Word Family (noun/adjective):

  • Conviction (noun): A strong belief or confidence in something.
  • Convincing (adjective): Able to persuade or make someone believe in something.

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