coup - REF

coup (noun)

Meaning: A sudden and often violent overthrow or takeover of a government or authority, usually involving a change in leadership through force or illegal means.


  1. The military staged a successful coup, leading to a change in government.
  2. The rebels' attempted coup was quickly suppressed by the government forces.
  3. The political turmoil in the country was exacerbated by rumors of an imminent coup.

Synonyms: takeover, overthrow, seizure, revolution

Antonyms: surrender, submission, acquiescence


  1. Coup d'état: A French term referring to a sudden and forceful change of government, often involving a coup.
  2. Coup attempt: An effort or plan to seize power through a coup, which may or may not be successful.
  3. Failed coup: A coup that was attempted but did not succeed in achieving its objectives.


  1. Coup de grâce: A final, decisive action or event that puts an end to something.
  2. Pull off a coup: Successfully achieve a difficult or unexpected accomplishment.
  3. Coup against the odds: Accomplishing something that was unlikely to succeed.


  1. Stage a coup: Plan and execute a takeover of power, often involving military or rebel forces.
  2. Foiled coup: A coup attempt that was thwarted or prevented from succeeding.
  3. Coup plotter: A person or group involved in planning or orchestrating a coup.

Word family:

  1. coupist (noun) - a person involved in planning or executing a coup.
  2. coupé (noun) - a two-door car or carriage with a fixed roof and a sloping back.
  3. coupable (adjective) - guilty or blameworthy (French: "coupable").
  4. coupablement (adverb) - in a guilty manner (French: "coupablement").
  5. recoup (verb) - to regain, recover, or compensate for losses.
  6. recoupment (noun) - the act of recovering or regaining something lost.

Root and Meaning:The word "coup" comes from the Old French term "coup," meaning "a blow" or "a strike." In the context of a political coup, the term metaphorically refers to a sudden and forceful "strike" or "blow" against an existing government or authority in order to take control.

Part of Speech: Noun

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