Credible - REF

Credible (adjective):Meaning: Able to be believed or trusted because it is reliable, plausible, and appears to be based on accurate information or evidence.


  1. The witness provided a credible account of the accident, which matched with the evidence.
  2. The newspaper only publishes credible sources of information to maintain its reputation.
  3. The scientist's research findings were considered highly credible due to rigorous testing.

Synonyms: Reliable, trustworthy, believable, plausible, authentic.

Antonyms: Unreliable, dubious, questionable, unbelievable, implausible.


  1. Highly credible: The expert's analysis was considered highly credible in the field.
  2. Credible source: It's important to gather information from a credible source.
  3. Lack of credible evidence: The case was dismissed due to a lack of credible evidence.


  1. Credible source of information: The website is considered a credible source of information.
  2. Credible claim: Her credible claim led to a fair settlement in court.


  1. Credible explanation: He provided a credible explanation for his sudden absence.
  2. Credible witness: The court relied on the testimony of a credible witness.


  1. Credible account: The detective was able to piece together a credible account of the crime.
  2. Credible allegations: The journalist uncovered credible allegations of corruption.
  3. Credible threat: Law enforcement took the letter as a credible threat.

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