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Criterion (noun):Meaning: A standard or principle by which something is judged, evaluated, or compared; a rule or guideline for making decisions or assessments.


  1. The primary criterion for selecting candidates is their relevant experience.
  2. One criterion for choosing a suitable apartment is its proximity to public transportation.
  3. The company used several criteria to assess the performance of its employees.

Synonyms: Standard, benchmark, measure, guideline, yardstick.

Antonyms: Exception, deviation, anomaly.


  1. Selection criteria: The selection criteria include qualifications, skills, and experience.
  2. Criteria for success: The team established clear criteria for success for the project.
  3. Evaluation criteria: The evaluation criteria focused on quality, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness.


  1. Meet the criteria: The proposal must meet the criteria outlined in the guidelines.
  2. Criterion of excellence: Their products are held to a criterion of excellence in terms of design and quality.
  3. Apply criteria: When evaluating options, it's essential to apply criteria that align with your goals.


  1. Criteria-based decision: Making a criteria-based decision ensures objectivity and fairness.
  2. Criteria-driven approach: Adopting a criteria-driven approach streamlines decision-making.
  3. Set criteria: Before making a choice, it's important to set criteria that reflect your priorities.


  1. Criteria for selection: The company established specific criteria for selection to identify the best candidates.
  2. Criteria for assessment: The professor provided clear criteria for assessment for the research papers.
  3. Criteria for evaluation: The team discussed the criteria for evaluation of project outcomes.

Word Family (adjective):

  • Criterion-related (adjective): Relating to or influenced by criteria.

Word Family (adjective with suffix: "-al"):

  • Criteria-based (adjective): Influenced or determined by specific criteria.

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