Curtly - REF

Curtly (adverb):Meaning: In a brief, abrupt, or concise manner, often conveying a lack of elaboration or warmth in communication.


  1. He responded curtly to the question, providing only a minimal answer.
  2. She nodded curtly to acknowledge the message without further comment.
  3. The boss dismissed the idea curtly, indicating that it wasn't worth discussing.

Synonyms: Abruptly, tersely, shortly, brusquely, succinctly.

Antonyms: Politely, elaborately, cordially, expansively, extensively.


  1. Speak curtly: She tends to speak curtly when she's in a hurry.
  2. Reply curtly: He replied curtly to the email, indicating his displeasure.
  3. React curtly: The customer reacted curtly to the unexpected news.


  1. End the conversation curtly: He ended the conversation curtly and walked away.
  2. Respond in a curt manner: She responded in a curt manner, leaving no room for further discussion.
  3. Speak curtly to someone: It's important not to speak curtly to someone in a professional setting.

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