Defence - Collocation - REF

Defense ( เขียนแบบอเมริกา )

  1. National Defence: The protection and security of a country's borders, territories, and citizens from external threats or attacks.
  2. Self-Defence: The act of protecting oneself from harm or danger using physical or legal means.
  3. Defence Mechanism: A psychological strategy or coping mechanism that an individual uses to protect themselves from anxiety, stress, or emotional distress.
  4. Defence Attorney/Lawyer: A legal professional who represents the accused party in a court of law and argues for their innocence.
  5. Defence Strategy: A planned approach or set of actions designed to protect against potential threats or challenges, often used in military or business contexts.
  6. Defence Spending: The amount of money a government allocates for its military and security-related expenditures.
  7. Defence Policy: A set of principles and guidelines that a government follows to ensure its national security and protect its interests.
  8. Defence Industry: The sector involving the production and sale of weapons, military equipment, and related technologies.
  9. Defence Against Cyberattacks: Measures and practices taken to safeguard computer systems and networks from unauthorized access, data breaches, and other cyber threats.
  10. Defence Against Disease: The body's immune response and measures taken to prevent and fight infections and illnesses.
  11. Line of Defence: A series of protective measures or barriers designed to prevent unauthorized access or attacks.
  12. Defence Intelligence: Information gathered and analyzed to assess potential threats, security risks, and geopolitical developments.
  13. Defence Cooperation: Collaborative efforts between countries to enhance their security and military capabilities.
  14. Ministry of Defence: A government department responsible for the nation's military and national security matters.
  15. Defence Treaty: An agreement between countries to provide mutual military support in the event of an attack or threat.

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