Delegation - REF

Delegation (noun):Meaning:

  1. The act of entrusting or assigning tasks, responsibilities, or authority to a group of individuals or representatives for the purpose of achieving a specific goal or objective.
  2. A group of people chosen to represent or act on behalf of a larger organization, entity, or government body.


  1. The manager decided to empower her team by practicing effective delegation of tasks, allowing each member to contribute their skills.
  2. The international conference was attended by a diverse delegation of diplomats, each representing their respective countries.
  3. The company's success can be attributed to the CEO's skillful delegation of responsibilities to the right employees.

Synonyms:Assignment, allocation, appointment, empowerment, commission.

Antonyms:Retainment, individual responsibility, personal management, micromanagement.


  1. Lead a delegation: The president led a delegation of business leaders to discuss trade relations with foreign counterparts.
  2. International delegation: An international delegation of experts was invited to provide insights on global environmental issues.
  3. Delegation of authority: The manager emphasized the importance of clear communication when transferring delegation of authority.


  1. Pass the baton: After years of leadership, it was time to pass the baton and entrust the team to a new manager.
  2. Put the ball in someone's court: The decision was made to put the ball in the CEO's court, allowing them to take charge of the project.


  1. Hand over the reins: The retiring founder decided it was time to hand over the reins of the company to a new generation of leaders.


  1. Delegation of tasks: The effective delegation of tasks helped the team accomplish their project efficiently.

Word Family:

  • Delegate (verb): She decided to delegate the project to her team.
  • Delegated (adjective): The delegated responsibilities were well-managed.
  • Delegating (present participle): He was busy delegating tasks to different team members.

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