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Demanding (adjective):Meaning:Requiring a lot of effort, attention, or skill; needing a significant amount of time, energy, or dedication to accomplish.


  1. His new job is quite demanding, with long hours and tight deadlines.
  2. The marathon is known for being one of the most demanding races in the world.
  3. Teaching a class of young children can be emotionally and physically demanding.

Synonyms:Challenging, difficult, arduous, taxing, exacting, rigorous, tough, strenuous, hard, tiring, draining.

Antonyms:Easy, effortless, simple, undemanding, relaxed, straightforward, uncomplicated, easygoing.


  1. Demanding job: Her role as a project manager is a very demanding job.
  2. Demanding task: Completing the research paper was a demanding task that required hours of work.
  3. Demanding schedule: The athlete follows a demanding schedule of training and competitions.


  1. Demand one's pound of flesh: The strict teacher always seems to demand his pound of flesh from his students.


  1. Be demanding on: Being a parent can be demanding on your time and energy.


  1. Demanding standards: The company has demanding standards for quality control.

Word Family:

  • Demand (noun/verb): The increasing workload placed a high demand on the team.
  • Demander (noun): The demander of the service expected top-notch results.
  • Undemanding (adjective): She prefers to watch undemanding movies after a long day.
  • Demandingly (adverb): She worked demandingly to meet the tight deadline.

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