Disposition - REF

Disposition (noun):Meaning:

  1. A person's inherent qualities of character and temperament.
  2. The way something is placed or arranged, or the prevailing tendency or mood.


  1. His friendly disposition made it easy for him to make new friends.
  2. The artist's creative disposition was evident in every painting she created.
  3. The disposition of furniture in the room created a cozy and inviting atmosphere.


  1. Character, temperament, nature.
  2. Arrangement, placement, configuration.


  1. Misanthropy, malice, hostility.
  2. Disarrangement, disorganization, clutter.


  1. Positive disposition: Her positive disposition brightened everyone's day.
  2. Friendly disposition: His friendly disposition made him a popular colleague.
  3. Disposition of assets: The lawyer oversaw the legal disposition of assets after the client's passing.


  1. By disposition: He was calm and composed by disposition even in stressful situations.
  2. Dispose of: The manager needed to dispose of the excess inventory.
  3. In a generous disposition: She was in a generous disposition and decided to donate to charity.


  1. Inclined by disposition: He was inclined by disposition to help others whenever he could.
  2. Have a disposition for: She had a natural disposition for leadership.
  3. Change of disposition: The sudden success led to a change of disposition in the team.


  1. Pleasant disposition: Her pleasant disposition made her a joy to be around.
  2. Personal disposition: Each individual has their own unique personal disposition.
  3. Inherited disposition: Some traits are an inherited disposition from one's parents.

Word Family (adjective):

  • Disposed (adjective): Inclined or willing to do something.
  • Undisposed (adjective): Not inclined or willing to do something.
  • Disposedly (adverb): In a manner that reflects one's disposition or inclination.

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