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domestic (adjective)

Meaning: Relating to or pertaining to the home, family, or one's own country; not foreign or international.


  1. She enjoys spending time on domestic activities such as cooking and gardening.
  2. Domestic violence is a serious issue that needs to be addressed by society.
  3. The airline offers both international and domestic flights.

Synonyms: household, home, native

Antonyms: foreign, international, global


  1. Domestic chores: Household tasks or duties, such as cleaning, cooking, and laundry.
  2. Domestic animals: Animals that are commonly kept as pets or used for work on farms.
  3. Domestic product: The total economic output or value produced within a country.


  1. Domestic bliss: A state of perfect happiness and contentment within a family or household.
  2. Domestic goddess: A humorous term for a person who is skilled and accomplished in managing domestic tasks.
  3. Domestic partner: A person with whom one shares a domestic relationship, often without being married.


  1. Domestic affairs: Matters or issues that concern one's own country, especially in politics or governance.
  2. Domestic harmony: A state of peaceful and harmonious coexistence within a household or family.
  3. Domestic duties: Responsibilities and tasks related to maintaining a household and family life.

Word family:

  1. domestically (adverb) - in relation to or pertaining to the home or family; within one's own country.
  2. domesticity (noun) - the quality or state of being domestic; home life or family life.
  3. domesticate (verb) - to tame or train animals for human use; to adapt for household or human use.
  4. domestication (noun) - the process of taming or adapting animals or plants for human use.
  5. domesticize (verb) - a less common synonym for "domesticate."

Root and Meaning:The word "domestic" comes from the Latin word "domesticus," which means "pertaining to the household" or "of one's own house." It is derived from the root "domus," meaning "house." The suffix "-ic" indicates a connection to or quality of something.

Part of Speech: Adjective

- Collocation

domestic (adj.)

  • domestic affairs/politics/issues
  • domestic policy/agenda/program
  • domestic products/goods/services
  • domestic market/economy/trade
  • domestic violence/abuse/dispute
  • domestic chores/duties/responsibilities
  • carry out domestic tasks/work/labor
  • resolve domestic conflicts/problems/disputes
  • focus on domestic priorities/concerns/needs
  • relax in the domestic environment/setting/sphere
  • domestic partner/assistant/help
  • gain experience in domestic work/employment
  • tend to domestic animals/pets/livestock
  • establish a domestic routine/schedule/regime

Domestic means within a country as opposed to international. It often modifies nouns referring to affairs, policy, products, market and economy limited to within national borders. Domestic can also relate to home or household activities like tasks, chores, violence and partner relationships. Phrases emphasize focusing on internal country matters rather than foreign, or carrying out work and routines inside the home environment. It is commonly used in contexts involving national politics, economics and household jobs/duties.

  • The government is dealing with various domestic affairs such as economic policies and social programs.
  • The president's domestic policy focuses on healthcare reform and education initiatives.
  • The company aims to promote domestic products and support local businesses.
  • The recent changes in the domestic market have affected consumer behavior.
  • Organizations are working to address the issue of domestic violence through awareness campaigns.
  • She's responsible for managing both her career and domestic chores at home.
  • After a long day at work, he often has to carry out domestic tasks like cooking and cleaning.
  • They attended counseling sessions to resolve domestic conflicts in their relationship.
  • The government's primary goal is to address the domestic concerns of citizens.
  • He enjoys relaxing in the domestic environment of his cozy home.
  • She hired a domestic assistant to help with household tasks.
  • She gained valuable experience through her domestic employment as a nanny.
  • They take pride in tending to their domestic animals and providing proper care.
  • Establishing a consistent domestic routine can help maintain a balanced lifestyle.

These examples illustrate the different ways in which "domestic" can be used to describe various aspects of home life, national matters, and related activities.

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