Downward - REF

Downward (adverb/adjective):Meaning (adverb): In a direction toward a lower position, level, or point on a scale.

Examples (adverb):

  1. The airplane began its downward descent towards the runway.
  2. The stock prices have been trending downward for the past week.
  3. Her mood took a downward turn after receiving the bad news.

Synonyms (adverb): Down, descending, declining, deteriorating, sinking.

Antonyms (adverb): Upward, ascending, rising, improving, climbing.

Collocations (adverb):

  1. Steeply downward: The path leads steeply downward into the valley.
  2. Gradually downward: The temperature is expected to decrease gradually downward.
  3. Swiftly downward: The water rushed swiftly downward from the mountains.

Phrases (adverb):

  1. Head downward: She bent forward and let her hair fall head downward.
  2. Spiral downward: The situation began to spiral downward as conflicts escalated.
  3. Slide downward: The snowboarder started to slide downward the slope.

Meaning (adjective): Moving or leading toward a lower position, level, or point on a scale.

Examples (adjective):

  1. The downward trend in the economy led to job cuts.
  2. The downward slope of the hill made skiing challenging.
  3. She noticed a downward shift in her energy levels after a long day.

Synonyms (adjective): Declining, descending, falling, deteriorating, decreasing.

Antonyms (adjective): Upward, ascending, rising, improving, increasing.

Collocations (adjective):

  1. Steady downward: The company experienced a steady downward trend in sales.
  2. Sharp downward: There was a sharp downward movement in the stock market.
  3. Gradual downward: The gradual downward decline in temperature signaled the onset of winter.

Phrases (adjective):

  1. On a downward trajectory: The company has been on a downward trajectory for months.
  2. Facing downward pressure: The currency is facing downward pressure due to economic factors.
  3. Showing downward movement: The chart is showing downward movement in profitability.

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