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Emphasize (verb)

Meaning: To give special importance or attention to something; to highlight or make something more prominent.


  1. The coach always emphasizes the importance of teamwork to his players.
  2. The speaker used visual aids to emphasize key points during the presentation.
  3. It's important to emphasize that safety protocols must be followed at all times.

Synonyms: highlight, underscore, stress, accentuate, focus on, spotlight

Antonyms: de-emphasize, downplay, minimize, overlook, ignore


  1. Emphasize the importance/significance: Example: "The teacher always emphasizes the importance of critical thinking skills."
  2. Emphasize a point/fact/detail: Example: "The CEO used data to emphasize the company's growth in the last quarter."
  3. Emphasize the need for: Example: "The doctor emphasized the need for regular exercise to improve overall health."


  1. Lay/Place/Put emphasis on: To give extra importance to something. Example: "The manager decided to lay emphasis on customer satisfaction."
  2. Drive the point home: To make something very clear and understandable. Example: "She used real-life examples to drive the point home during her presentation."
  3. Hammer home: To repeat something to make sure it's understood. Example: "The teacher hammered home the importance of studying for the upcoming exam."


  1. Stress/emphasize the fact that: To make sure people understand a particular fact. Example: "He wanted to stress the fact that the event was open to all ages."
  2. Place/put emphasis on: To give importance to a particular aspect. Example: "The company always places emphasis on employee well-being."
  3. Emphasize the need for: To highlight the necessity of something. Example: "The campaign emphasized the need for environmental conservation."

Word Family:

  • Adjective: Emphatic
  • Noun: Emphasis
  • Adverb: Emphatically

Vocabulary from the Same Root:

  • Emphasized (past tense)
  • Emphasizing (present participle)
  • Emphasis (noun)
  • Emphatic (adjective)
  • Emphatically (adverb)

The root of "emphasize" is "emphasi-", which comes from the Latin word "emphasis," meaning "significance" or "stress." The word "emphasize" is a verb derived from this root and is used to convey the act of giving importance or significance to something in order to draw attention to it.

Additional Information: The word "emphasize" is widely used in various contexts, such as education, communication, business, and daily interactions. It's a versatile word that allows speakers and writers to draw attention to specific points, concepts, or ideas in order to make them more prominent and clear to the audience.

emphasize (em-fa-size) verb

  • To give special importance or prominence to; stress or highlight something relative to other aspects.
  • To impress something upon someone with force or clarity of expression.


  • strongly/heavily emphasize - To accentuate something particularly clearly or insistently.
  • repeatedly emphasize - To stress or highlight something multiple times.
  • specifically/pointedly emphasize - To draw attention to or accent something explicitly or precisely.
  • continually/consistently emphasize - To persistently keep accentuating or calling out something.
  • rightly/correctly emphasize - To justifiably or accurately call attention to something important.
  • verbally/orally emphasize - To accentuate something through speech as opposed to writing.
  • physically/visually emphasize - To highlight something literally through physical or visual means.
  • emphasize the importance/need/role - To accentuate how crucial or significant something is.
  • overemphasize - To stress or accentuate something too much disproportionately.
  • underemphasize - To fail to accentuate something adequately to its true importance.
  1. The speaker strongly emphasized the need for immediate action to address climate change.
  2. She repeatedly emphasized the importance of clear communication within the team.
  3. During the presentation, the instructor specifically emphasized the key points of the experiment.
  4. The company's values continually emphasize innovation and creativity in their products.
  5. The coach rightly emphasized the significance of teamwork for the team's success.
  6. The teacher verbally emphasized the correct pronunciation of certain words in the language lesson.
  7. The artist's use of bold colors physically emphasized the focal point of the painting.
  8. The professor emphasized the importance of critical thinking skills in problem-solving.
  9. It's important not to overemphasize one aspect of the project at the expense of others.
  10. The historian noted that textbooks often underemphasize the contributions of certain individuals.

These examples showcase how different forms of emphasizing can be used to draw attention to specific points, concepts, or ideas in various contexts.

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