Enlarge - REF

Enlarge (verb):Meaning: To make something bigger in size, extent, or scale; to increase the dimensions or proportions.


  1. The architect plans to enlarge the living room by knocking down a wall.
  2. The company decided to enlarge its production facility to meet growing demand.
  3. You can enlarge the text on your computer screen by adjusting the settings.

Synonyms: Expand, increase, magnify, extend, grow.

Antonyms: Reduce, shrink, diminish, decrease, contract.


  1. Enlarge a photo: He used software to enlarge a small photo without losing quality.
  2. Enlarge your vocabulary: Reading regularly can help you enlarge your vocabulary.
  3. Enlarge a business: The entrepreneur's goal was to enlarge her business to new markets.


  1. Larger than life: Her personality was larger than life, making her the center of attention.
  2. Live and let live: It's best to live and let live rather than trying to control everything.
  3. More the merrier: Invite your friends to the party – the more the merrier.


  1. Enlarged view: Click on the image for an enlarged view.
  2. Enlarged heart: His health problems were related to an enlarged heart.
  3. Enlarged version: The book has been reissued as an enlarged version.


  1. Enlarged perspective: Traveling broadens your horizons and gives you an enlarged perspective.
  2. Enlarged print: The book is available in enlarged print for those with visual impairments.
  3. Enlarged copy: Please provide an enlarged copy of this document for better readability.

Word Family (prefix: "re-"):

  • Reenlarge (verb): To enlarge again or further.

Word Family (suffix: "-ment"):

  • Enlargement (noun): The act of enlarging or the state of being enlarged.
  • Enlargement (noun): An increase in size or extent.
  • Enlargement (noun): A photographic print that is larger than the original.

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