Equivalents - REF

Equivalents (noun plural):Meaning:Things that are equal in value, amount, function, or meaning, often used in comparison or substitution.


  1. In cooking, one cup of flour can be substituted with two equivalents of almond flour.
  2. In different cultures, different hand gestures might have similar equivalents in terms of meaning.
  3. The exchange rate allows us to compare the value of different currencies and find their equivalents.

Synonyms:Counterparts, replacements, substitutes, alternatives, analogues, correspondents, matches, analogs, correlatives, equivalences.

Antonyms:Dissimilarities, differences, non-equivalents, inequalities, disparities.


  1. Equivalent to: One euro is approximately equivalent to 1.18 US dollars.
  2. Equivalent in: The two products are not exactly the same, but they are equivalent in terms of quality.
  3. Equivalent of: The instructor explained that a smile is the equivalent of a universal greeting.


  1. Be the equivalent of: The new technology can be the equivalent of a revolution in the industry.


  1. Find an equivalent: It's important to find an equivalent solution when faced with challenges.


  1. Equivalent value: The app shows the equivalent value of products in different currencies.

Word Family:

  • Equivalent (adjective/noun): These two items are equivalent in terms of quality and price.
  • Equivalence (noun): There is an equivalence between the two theories.
  • Equivalently (adverb): The two products can be used equivalently in this recipe.

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