Establishment - REF

Establishment (noun):Meaning:

  1. The act of establishing or setting up something, often an organization, institution, or system.
  2. An organization, business, or institution that has been established and is functioning, usually with a specific purpose.


  1. The establishment of the new school brought excitement to the community.
  2. This restaurant has been a part of the local establishment for over three decades.
  3. The government has plans for the establishment of a new national park.

Synonyms:Institution, organization, foundation, established organization, corporation, enterprise, company, firm, institutionalization.

Antonyms:Dissolution, disbandment, closure, termination, dismantling.


  1. Government establishment: She works at a government establishment that focuses on environmental policies.
  2. Educational establishment: The university is a prestigious educational establishment known for its research programs.
  3. Cultural establishment: The theater is a key cultural establishment in the city, showcasing a variety of performances.


  1. The powers that be: Decisions about funding for the library are made by the powers that be.


  1. Establishment figure: He is seen as an establishment figure in the political landscape.


  1. Place of establishment: The company's place of establishment is listed on its official documents.

Word Family:

  • Establish (verb): The company was established in 1995.
  • Establisher (noun): The establisher of the organization was recognized for their contributions.
  • Establishing (adjective): The establishing process took several months to complete.
  • Unestablished (adjective): The new business is still unestablished in the industry.

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