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Evaluation (noun):Meaning: The process of assessing or judging something's quality, value, significance, or performance; the act of making a careful examination or appraisal.


  1. The teacher's evaluation of the student's project was positive.
  2. The company conducted an evaluation of its financial performance for the quarter.
  3. The restaurant's success depended on customer evaluations and feedback.

Synonyms: Assessment, analysis, appraisal, review, examination.

Antonyms: Ignorance, neglect, disregard, oversight, indifference.


  1. Performance evaluation: The employee's performance evaluation determined the promotion.
  2. Project evaluation: The committee conducted a thorough project evaluation before funding.
  3. Self-evaluation: She engaged in regular self-evaluation to track her progress.


  1. Pass muster: His work had to pass muster during the project evaluation.
  2. Give someone the once-over: The manager gave the project the once-over before the evaluation meeting.
  3. Hold up to scrutiny: The proposal had to hold up to scrutiny during the evaluation process.


  1. Critical evaluation: The article received a critical evaluation from experts in the field.
  2. Thorough evaluation: The committee conducted a thorough evaluation of all the options.
  3. Continuous evaluation: The company emphasizes continuous evaluation to drive improvements.


  1. Evaluation criteria: The committee established clear evaluation criteria for the selection process.
  2. Evaluation process: The evaluation process helps identify areas for improvement.
  3. Evaluation report: The evaluation report summarized the findings of the research.

Word Family:

  • Evaluate (verb)
  • Evaluator (noun)
  • Reevaluate (verb)
  • Unevaluate (verb, rare)

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