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Exclusive (adjective):Meaning:

  1. Limited to a specific person, group, or category, excluding others.
  2. Not shared with or available to others; unique or special.


  1. The club offers exclusive membership to VIPs and celebrities.
  2. The fashion brand released an exclusive line of designer clothing.
  3. The reporter got an exclusive interview with the famous actor.


  1. Restricted, selective, privileged.
  2. Sole, unique, distinctive.


  1. Inclusive, open, accessible.
  2. Common, shared, ordinary.


  1. Exclusive access: The event provides exclusive access to behind-the-scenes activities.
  2. Exclusive offer: The store is offering an exclusive offer to its loyal customers.
  3. Exclusive rights: The artist holds exclusive rights to their artwork.


  1. Have the exclusive: The newspaper had the exclusive on the breaking news.
  2. An exclusive deal: The company secured an exclusive deal with the manufacturer.
  3. Exclusive to: The product is exclusive to this store.


  1. Exclusive event: The party is an exclusive event for high-profile guests.
  2. Exclusive partnership: The two companies formed an exclusive partnership for product development.
  3. Exclusive membership: The club offers exclusive membership benefits.


  1. Exclusive to this collection: The dress is exclusive to this collection.
  2. Exclusive package: The travel agency offers an exclusive package for luxury vacations.
  3. Exclusive preview: Attendees got an exclusive preview of the upcoming movie.

Word Family (noun):

  • Exclusivity (noun): The state or quality of being exclusive; the practice of excluding others.

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