Extend - REF

Extend (verb):Meaning: To make something larger in size, length, duration, or scope; to stretch out or increase the reach of something.


  1. She decided to extend her vacation by a few days to explore more places.
  2. The company plans to extend its product line to cater to a wider audience.
  3. The contract was extended for another year to allow more time for completion.

Synonyms: Lengthen, stretch, expand, prolong, enlarge.

Antonyms: Shorten, reduce, contract, limit, curtail.


  1. Extend an invitation: They extended an invitation to the conference.
  2. Extend a deadline: The professor decided to extend the deadline for the research paper.
  3. Extend a hand: He extended a hand to help the elderly woman cross the street.


  1. Extend an olive branch: The countries decided to extend an olive branch to end the conflict.
  2. Extend oneself: She always goes above and beyond, willing to extend herself for others.
  3. Extend the courtesy: We should always extend the courtesy of listening to others.


  1. Extend a warm welcome: The community extended a warm welcome to the new residents.
  2. Extend gratitude: He wanted to extend his gratitude to everyone who supported him.
  3. Extend a gesture: The team captain extended a gesture of sportsmanship after the game.


  1. Extend your reach: With dedication, you can extend your reach to achieve your goals.
  2. Extend good wishes: Let's extend our good wishes to the couple on their wedding day.
  3. Extend an offer: The company decided to extend a job offer to the top candidate.

Word Family (prefix: "re-"):

  • Reextend (verb): To extend again or further.

Word Family (suffix: "-able"):

  • Extendable (adjective): Capable of being extended or lengthened.
  • Extender (noun): A device or substance used to increase the length or reach of something.
  • Extensibility (noun): The quality of being capable of being extended.
  • Extension (noun): The act of extending or the state of being extended.
  • Extensive (adjective): Covering a large area; having a wide scope or range.
  • Extent (noun): The degree to which something extends; the range or scope.

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