Further - REF

Further (adjective/adverb):Meaning:

  1. Adjective: More distant in space, time, or degree; additional or extra.
  2. Adverb: To a greater extent or degree; additionally; moreover.


  1. They need to take further steps to improve the efficiency of the process.
  2. I would like to explore this topic further in my research.
  3. The company is planning to expand its operations further into international markets.


  1. Additional, extra, more.
  2. Additionally, moreover, also.


  1. Less, fewer, limited.
  2. Lessover, subtractively, lesswise.


  1. Further information: If you need further information, please don't hesitate to ask.
  2. Go further: She always strives to go further in her studies.
  3. Further development: The project requires further development before it can be implemented.


  1. Go the extra mile: The team is always willing to go the extra mile to deliver quality service.
  2. No further: I have no further questions about the topic.
  3. Further afield: They decided to explore options further afield for their next vacation.


  1. Pursue further: If you wish to pursue further studies, we offer a variety of courses.
  2. Take it further: He decided to take it further and investigate the matter on his own.
  3. Further to: Further to our previous discussion, I'd like to provide more details.


  1. Further details: Please provide us with further details about your project.
  2. Further research: Further research is needed to understand the implications fully.
  3. Further examination: The issue requires further examination before a decision can be made.

Word Family (verb):

  • Furthers (verb): Third-person singular simple present tense of "further," meaning to help the progress or development of something.

Word Family (noun):

  • Furtherance (noun): The act of promoting or advancing something.

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