Garner - REF

Garner (verb):Meaning:

  1. To gather, collect, or acquire something, especially information, support, or recognition.
  2. To earn, accumulate, or amass.


  1. The documentary filmmaker worked tirelessly to garner information from various sources.
  2. The athlete's outstanding performance helped her garner the attention of national sports teams.
  3. The charity event managed to garner substantial donations for the cause.


  1. Collect, gather, accumulate.
  2. Earn, achieve, attain.


  1. Disperse, scatter, dissipate.
  2. Lose, surrender, forfeit.


  1. Garner support: The politician was able to garner support from a wide range of voters.
  2. Garner attention: The new art exhibit managed to garner attention from art enthusiasts.
  3. Garner praise: The chef's innovative dishes always garner praise from food critics.


  1. Garner sympathy: The heartfelt speech managed to garner sympathy from the audience.
  2. Garner accolades: The actor's exceptional performance in the play allowed him to garner accolades.
  3. Garner votes: The candidate's persuasive campaign strategies helped him garner votes.


  1. Garner information: The investigative journalist worked tirelessly to garner information for the exposé.
  2. Garner recognition: The talented artist finally started to garner recognition for her unique style.
  3. Garner praise and admiration: Her selfless actions managed to garner praise and admiration from the community.


  1. Garner support for a cause: The organization's efforts to help the homeless managed to garner support for the cause.
  2. Garner a reputation: The scientist's groundbreaking research helped him garner a reputation in his field.
  3. Garner public attention: The new product launch successfully managed to garner public attention.

Word Family (noun):

  • Garnish (noun): Something used to decorate or embellish, such as a food decoration.

Word Family (adjective):

  • Garnished (adjective): Used to describe something that has been adorned or decorated.

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