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Inclusive (adjective):Meaning: Including or encompassing all aspects, items, or participants without any exceptions or limitations; considering all.


  1. The workshop is inclusive and welcomes participants of all skill levels.
  2. The company's policy is to be inclusive in its hiring practices, promoting diversity.
  3. The conference aims to provide an inclusive platform for various perspectives.

Synonyms: Comprehensive, all-encompassing, complete, broad, universal.

Antonyms: Exclusive, limited, restrictive, selective.


  1. Inclusive approach: The team adopted an inclusive approach to decision-making.
  2. Inclusive environment: The school promotes an inclusive environment where every student feels valued.
  3. Inclusive society: Their goal is to create an inclusive society that embraces diversity.


  1. All-inclusive: The resort offers an all-inclusive package for a stress-free vacation.
  2. Inclusive of: The price is inclusive of all taxes and fees.
  3. Inclusive tour: They offer an inclusive tour that covers transportation, meals, and attractions.


  1. Inclusive mindset: Developing an inclusive mindset is essential for effective teamwork.
  2. Inclusive leadership: Inclusive leadership fosters collaboration and innovation.
  3. Inclusive communication: The company emphasizes inclusive communication to ensure all team members are informed.


  1. Inclusive for everyone: The event is inclusive for everyone, regardless of background.
  2. Inclusive policies: The government implemented inclusive policies to support marginalized communities.
  3. Inclusive community: They strive to build an inclusive community where everyone feels respected.

Word Family (noun):

  • Inclusion (noun): The act of including or the state of being included.

Word Family (noun with suffix: "-ist"):

  • Inclusivist (noun): A person who advocates for inclusive policies and practices.

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