Initially - REF

Initially (adverb):Meaning:

  1. At the beginning; at first; originally.
  2. In the early stages of a process or situation.


  1. Initially, she was hesitant about joining the project, but later she became enthusiastic.
  2. The company's profits dipped initially, but they gradually improved over time.
  3. The initially calm atmosphere at the meeting soon turned into a heated debate.


  1. At first, originally, at the outset.
  2. Initially, at the beginning, at the commencement.


  1. Finally, eventually, ultimately.
  2. Later, subsequently, eventually.


  1. Initially hesitant: The students were initially hesitant to voice their opinions during the discussion.
  2. Initially excited: The team was initially excited about the new project's potential.
  3. Initially calm: The situation was initially calm, but it quickly escalated into chaos.


  1. Initially taken aback: The unexpected news left her initially taken aback, but she quickly adapted.
  2. Initially on board: Most of the team was initially on board with the proposed changes.
  3. Initially caught off guard: The sudden question left him initially caught off guard, but he recovered quickly.


  1. Initially uncertain: The weather forecast was initially uncertain for the outdoor event.
  2. Initially promising: The new product had a lot of potential and showed initially promising results.
  3. Initially friendly: The two competitors maintained an initially friendly relationship before the rivalry grew.


  1. Initially considered: The idea was initially considered as a possibility, but it was later rejected.
  2. Initially met with resistance: The proposal was initially met with resistance from some team members.
  3. Initially focused on: The project was initially focused on improving efficiency.

Word Family (noun):

  • Initial (noun): The first letter of a word or a name, often capitalized.

Word Family (adjective):

  • Initial (adjective): Used to describe something that happens or exists at the beginning; introductory.
  • Initial (adjective): Used to describe something that is first or original in a series or process.

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