Insist - REF

Insist (verb):Meaning:To demand or assert firmly; to emphasize one's opinion, belief, or intention with determination.

Root - Insist


  1. Despite his reluctance, she continued to insist that he attend the event.
  2. He would insist on paying for dinner every time they went out.
  3. She insisted on taking the lead role in the play.

Synonyms:Assert, emphasize, urge, demand, maintain, declare, claim, vouch, persist.

Antonyms:Yield, concede, surrender, relinquish, give in, acquiesce, comply, accept.


  1. Insist on: She would insist on being present during the negotiations.
  2. Insist that: He insisted that his viewpoint be taken into consideration.
  3. Insist upon: They would insist upon their right to a fair trial.


  1. Insist on your own way: He always wants things his way, he's known for insisting on his own way.


  1. Stick to one's guns: Despite opposition, she stuck to her guns and defended her position.


  1. Stand one's ground: In the face of criticism, he chose to stand his ground.

Word Family:

  • Insistence (noun): Her insistence on perfection made her a great leader.
  • Insistent (adjective): His insistent demand for attention was hard to ignore.

- Collocation


  1. Insist (on): To demand or assert strongly and firmly that something be done, accepted, or adhered to.
  2. Insist (that): To emphasize or declare with determination that a particular statement or viewpoint is true or necessary.
  3. Insistently: In a manner characterized by strong determination or urgency in demanding or asserting something.
  4. Insist on Doing: To be resolute about performing a specific action or task, often despite opposition or objections.
  5. Insist on Something: To firmly require or request a specific condition, action, or outcome.
  6. Insist Upon: To firmly demand or require a particular action, condition, or behavior.

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