Instead - REF

Instead (adverb):Meaning: In place of something else; as an alternative or substitute; in contrast to what was expected.


  1. She chose tea instead of coffee for a change.
  2. They decided to stay home instead of going out on a rainy day.
  3. He opted for the scenic route instead of the highway.

Synonyms: Alternatively, rather, in lieu, in place, as a substitute.

Antonyms: In addition, furthermore, on top, along with, also.


  1. Choose instead: She always chooses tea instead of coffee in the morning.
  2. Use instead: They decided to use public transportation instead of driving.
  3. Opt for instead: He opted for the healthier option instead of fast food.


  1. Cut your losses: When the plan failed, they decided to cut their losses and try something instead.
  2. Do a 180: She suddenly changed her mind and did a 180 instead.
  3. Trade in for: He decided to trade in his old car for a new one instead.


  1. In place of: She used honey in place of sugar in her recipe.
  2. Rather than: He chose to read a book rather than watch TV.
  3. As an alternative: They decided to go hiking as an alternative to the beach.


  1. Use this instead: When the pen ran out of ink, he said, "Use this pen instead."
  2. Go for this instead: The server said, "We're out of the soup, but you can go for the salad instead."
  3. Try this instead: The chef recommended, "If you're allergic to nuts, try this dessert instead."

Word Family:

  • Insteadness (noun)
  • Instead of (preposition)

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