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Institute (noun/verb):Meaning (noun): An organization or establishment established for a particular purpose, often related to education, research, or a specific field. Meaning (verb): To establish, set up, or introduce something, such as a system, practice, or organization.


  1. The research institute is known for its groundbreaking discoveries in medical science.
  2. She decided to institute a new policy to improve employee morale.
  3. He attended an institute that specialized in language learning.

Synonyms (noun): Organization, establishment, center, foundation, school. Synonyms (verb): Establish, introduce, implement, initiate, launch.

Antonyms (noun/verb): Disband, disestablish, dismantle, close, abolish.


  1. Institute of Technology: She is studying engineering at the local Institute of Technology.
  2. Research institute: The new research institute focuses on renewable energy solutions.
  3. Cultural institute: The city has a vibrant cultural institute that hosts various events.


  1. Institutes of higher learning: Our town is home to several institutes of higher learning.
  2. Institute proceedings: The committee decided to institute proceedings against the company.
  3. Institute change: The management decided to institute change in their approach.


  1. Institute a policy: The company plans to institute a policy to reduce waste.
  2. Institute a program: The government aims to institute a program to support small businesses.
  3. Institute a study: They want to institute a study to analyze consumer behavior.


  1. Institute of Education: The university has an excellent Institute of Education.
  2. Institute of Research: The project is funded by a well-known Institute of Research.
  3. Institute of Arts: She completed her art degree at the prestigious Institute of Arts.

Word Family (prefix: "re-"):

  • Reinstitute (verb): To establish or introduce something again.

Word Family (suffix: "-tion"):

  • Institution (noun): An organization or establishment that serves a particular purpose.
  • Institutional (adjective): Relating to or characteristic of an institution.
  • Institutive (adjective): Serving as a formal introduction or establishment.
  • Institutor (noun): One who establishes or introduces something.

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