Interim - REF

Interim (noun/adjective):Meaning (noun): A temporary or provisional period of time between two events, actions, or situations.

Examples (noun):

  1. The company appointed an interim CEO while the search for a permanent replacement was conducted.
  2. During the interim, the project team will focus on data collection and analysis.
  3. The store will be closed for renovations during the interim between seasons.

Synonyms (noun): Interval, meantime, transitional period, intervening time.

Antonyms (noun): Continuation, permanence, stability, main period.

Collocations (noun):

  1. Short interim: The short interim between meetings allowed for a quick break.
  2. Extended interim: The extended interim was necessary to complete the construction work.
  3. Temporary interim: She was appointed as the temporary interim manager during the transition.

Expressions (noun):

  1. During the interim: The office will remain open during the interim between holidays.
  2. In the interim: You can reach me at my temporary office in the interim.

Phrases (noun):

  1. Interim solution: The team came up with an interim solution to address the immediate issue.
  2. Interim period: The interim period allowed for necessary adjustments before the launch.
  3. Interim report: The team presented an interim report detailing their progress.

Meaning (adjective): Temporary or provisional, used to describe something that is in place or used for a limited time until a permanent solution or situation is established.

Examples (adjective):

  1. The interim manager was responsible for overseeing operations during the CEO's absence.
  2. The interim agreement allowed negotiations to continue while a final deal was reached.
  3. The company introduced an interim policy until the new guidelines were fully developed.

Synonyms (adjective): Temporary, provisional, transitional, short-term, makeshift.

Antonyms (adjective): Permanent, long-term, stable, lasting.

Collocations (adjective):

  1. Interim measure: The team implemented an interim measure to address the software glitch.
  2. Interim solution: The company found an interim solution to keep the project on track.
  3. Interim arrangement: The interim arrangement allowed the team to continue working.

Expressions (adjective):

  1. Interim period: The interim period was marked by significant changes and transitions.
  2. Interim step: The new policy was seen as an interim step toward more comprehensive reforms.

Phrases (adjective):

  1. Interim CEO: The interim CEO provided stability while the search for a permanent CEO continued.
  2. Interim agreement: The interim agreement was a positive sign of progress in the negotiations.
  3. Interim solution: The interim solution addressed the issue until a permanent fix could be implemented.

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