Invoice - REF

Invoice (noun/verb):Meaning (noun): A detailed list of goods or services provided with their corresponding prices, sent by a seller to a buyer, typically for payment; a bill for goods or services provided.

Examples (noun):

  1. The vendor sent an invoice for the recent shipment of products.
  2. The accounting department processes incoming invoices for payment.
  3. The invoice indicated the items purchased and their respective costs.

Synonyms (noun): Bill, statement, account, reckoning, charge.

Antonyms (noun): Receipt, payment, settlement, clearance.

Meaning (verb): To send or present a detailed list of goods or services along with their costs for payment.

Examples (verb):

  1. The supplier will invoice us for the materials delivered last week.
  2. She requested the vendor to invoice her for the consulting services.
  3. The company invoices its clients on a monthly basis.

Synonyms (verb): Bill, charge, reckon, assess, account.

Antonyms (verb): Debit, credit, offset, waive, discount.

Collocations (noun/verb):

  1. Issue an invoice: The company will issue an invoice once the project is completed.
  2. Pay an invoice: Clients are required to pay the invoice within 30 days.
  3. Settle an invoice: He promptly settled the invoice to avoid any late fees.

Idioms (noun/verb):

  1. Raise an invoice: The vendor will raise an invoice for the goods delivered.
  2. Foot the bill: The customer agreed to foot the bill upon receiving the invoice.
  3. Meet the expense: The client is expected to meet the expense indicated on the invoice.

Expressions (noun/verb):

  1. Invoice processing: The finance team handles invoice processing efficiently.
  2. Generate an invoice: The system will generate an invoice automatically upon completion.
  3. Late payment of an invoice: The company charges a fee for the late payment of an invoice.

Phrases (noun/verb):

  1. Invoice due date: The invoice due date is clearly mentioned on the document.
  2. Invoice payment terms: The invoice payment terms specify the period for payment.
  3. Invoice reconciliation: The team focuses on accurate invoice reconciliation.

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