Managerial - REF

Managerial (adjective):Meaning: Relating to or characteristic of management or the tasks and responsibilities associated with managing a business, organization, or team.


  1. Her managerial skills helped the team achieve its goals efficiently.
  2. The company hired a new managerial consultant to improve operations.
  3. The workshop focused on developing managerial abilities for effective leadership.

Synonyms: Administrative, executive, supervisory, directorial, organizational.

Antonyms: Non-managerial, subordinate, staff, operational, non-administrative.


  1. Managerial position: He aspired to reach a managerial position within the company.
  2. Managerial duties: Her managerial duties included overseeing the budget.
  3. Managerial role: He took on a managerial role in the project.


  1. In the driver's seat: With his managerial skills, he's always in the driver's seat.
  2. Call the shots: She's the one who gets to call the shots due to her managerial role.
  3. Wear multiple hats: In his managerial position, he often has to wear multiple hats.


  1. Managerial expertise: Her managerial expertise played a key role in the company's success.
  2. Rise through the ranks: He rose through the ranks with his managerial skills.
  3. Hands-on management: She prefers a hands-on management style in her managerial role.


  1. Managerial responsibilities: The managerial responsibilities encompass decision-making and team coordination.
  2. Managerial effectiveness: The workshop focused on improving managerial effectiveness.
  3. Managerial challenges: He faced various managerial challenges while leading the project.

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