Margin - REF

Margin (noun):Meaning: The border, edge, or space along the sides of a page or area; the difference between the cost price and selling price of a product; a small amount or degree by which something is won or lost.


  1. She wrote notes in the margin of her textbook to highlight important points.
  2. The company's profit margin increased due to cost-cutting measures.
  3. The team won the game by a narrow margin of two points.

Synonyms: Border, edge, boundary, perimeter, space.

Antonyms: Center, core, middle, center, heart.


  1. Narrow margin: The competition was close, with only a narrow margin separating the winners.
  2. Profit margin: The business focused on increasing its profit margin through efficient operations.
  3. Margin of error: The poll had a margin of error of plus or minus 3%.


  1. Leave no margin for error: He planned meticulously to leave no margin for error.
  2. Margin of safety: The engineer designed the bridge with a significant margin of safety.
  3. Cut it fine: She managed to finish the project on time, but she really cut it fine.


  1. Margin of victory: The athlete won with a substantial margin of victory.
  2. Margin of defeat: The team suffered a humiliating margin of defeat.
  3. Comfortable margin: They won the election with a comfortable margin of votes.


  1. Margin for improvement: There is always a margin for improvement in any process.
  2. Margin of profit: The company's success depends on maintaining a healthy margin of profit.
  3. Wafer-thin margin: The decision was made by a wafer-thin margin of votes.

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