Nevertheless - REF

Nevertheless (adverb):Meaning:In spite of that; however; nonetheless; regardless of what has just been said or stated.


  1. She was tired; nevertheless, she continued working on her project.
  2. The weather was cold, but they decided to go for a walk nevertheless.
  3. He had limited experience, but his determination led to success nevertheless.

Synonyms:However, nonetheless, still, yet, though, but, despite that.

Antonyms:Therefore, thus, so, consequently, hence, accordingly, as a result.


  1. Nevertheless, I persist: The phrase "Nevertheless, I persist" has become a popular motto for resilience.
  2. Nevertheless, it's true: He had doubts, but he eventually admitted, "Nevertheless, it's true."
  3. Nevertheless, we marched: Despite obstacles, "Nevertheless, we marched" became a rallying cry for change.


  1. Against all odds: She succeeded against all odds.


  1. All the same: He had reservations, but he went along with it all the same.


  1. Even so: The plan was risky, but they pursued it even so.

Word Family:

  • Neverthelessness (noun): The neverthelessness of his efforts amazed everyone.

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