Objection - REF

Objection (noun):Meaning: A reason or argument presented in opposition to something, expressing disapproval, disagreement, or opposition.


  1. She raised an objection to the proposed changes in the project plan.
  2. The committee discussed various objections to the new policy.
  3. His objection was based on ethical concerns regarding the decision.

Synonyms: Protest, disagreement, dissent, opposition, complaint.

Antonyms: Agreement, approval, support, consent, acceptance.


  1. Raise an objection: Participants are encouraged to raise objections during the discussion.
  2. Voice objections: Attendees were given the opportunity to voice objections during the meeting.
  3. Overrule an objection: The judge can overrule an objection during a trial.


  1. Take exception to: She took exception to the proposal and raised an objection.
  2. Object to: He tends to object to any changes in the routine.
  3. Put up a fight: Despite facing objections, she put up a fight to defend her point of view.


  1. Objection sustained: The judge ruled that the objection was sustained, and the evidence was not admissible.
  2. Raise serious objections: The community members raised serious objections to the construction project.
  3. Strongly voice objections: The citizens strongly voiced objections against the new policy.


  1. Address objections: The team needs to address objections raised by stakeholders.
  2. List of objections: The meeting minutes included a list of objections for further discussion.
  3. Consider objections: The committee will consider objections before making a decision.

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