Obligate - REF

Obligate (verb)

Meaning: To bind or compel someone to do something through legal, moral, or social force; to require or mandate a certain action or behavior.


  1. The contract obligates the company to deliver the goods by the specified date.
  2. As a responsible citizen, we are obligated to follow the laws of the land.
  3. The promise he made obligates him to fulfill his commitment.

Synonyms: require, compel, mandate, enforce, necessitate

Antonyms: release, free, exempt, relieve, liberate


  1. Obligate by law
  2. Obligate morally
  3. Obligate under contract


  1. Bound hand and foot: Being restricted or constrained from action.
  2. Tied to one's apron strings: Being excessively influenced or controlled by someone else.
  3. Toe the line: To conform to rules or expectations.


  1. Legally obligated: Being required to act in accordance with established laws and regulations.
  2. Morally obligated: Feeling a sense of duty or responsibility to do something due to personal beliefs or values.
  3. Financially obligated: Being under a commitment to make a financial payment or contribution.


  1. Obligated to fulfill: Having a duty to carry out an obligation or promise.
  2. Obligated to repay: Being required to give back something received or borrowed.
  3. Obligated to assist: Being compelled to provide help or support in a particular situation.

Word Family: Obligation (noun), Obligatory (adjective), Obligatorily (adverb), Obliging (adjective), Obligingly (adverb), Obligatory (adjective)

- Collocation

obligate (v.)

  • obligate oneself/oneself to do something
  • feel obligated/obliged to help
  • be obligated/obliged/compelled to attend
  • contract/agreement obligates/binds/requires
  • rules/laws/regulations obligate/compel action
  • circumstances may obligate/necessitate a change
  • payment/debts obligate/financially commit
  • morality/ethics obligate/dictate behavior
  • biology/nature obligate/determine course
  • responsibilities obligate/require particular duties
  • social pressures/expectations obligate compliance
  • mutual dependence obligates/necessitates cooperation
  • honor obligates/impels fulfillment of promise
  • oath/pledge obligates/commits to certain terms

Obligate means to place under a moral or legal duty; to compel by obligation. It is commonly used with pronouns and nouns denoting people, contracts, rules etc. that create the obligation or duty. Adjectives/nouns modified by obligate often refer to factors like circumstances, payment, responsibilities, pressures that bind or commit one into required action.

Phrases emphasize imposition of binding commitment by social, ethical or natural coercive forces onto conduct, relationships and fulfillment of roles.

  • By signing the contract, you obligate yourself to fulfill the terms and conditions.
  • She felt obligated to help her friend in need.
  • Due to professional commitment, he was obliged to attend the conference.
  • The agreement binds the parties and obligates them to meet their respective obligations.
  • The company's policies require employees to adhere to safety regulations.
  • Certain circumstances may necessitate or obligate a change in the project's timeline.
  • The payment schedule obligates the borrower to make monthly payments.
  • His strong sense of morality obligates him to act ethically.
  • In the animal kingdom, biology determines behaviors that are obligate for survival.
  • The new role obligates her to take on additional responsibilities.
  • Social pressures obligate individuals to conform to societal norms.
  • The mutual dependence between the two companies necessitates cooperation for success.
  • His oath of allegiance obligates him to serve his country with honor.
  • By taking the oath of office, the president commits to upholding the constitution.

These examples illustrate how the term "obligate" is used to convey the sense of requirement, commitment, and being bound by duty or responsibility in various situations.

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