Obligatory - REF

Obligatory (adjective):Meaning: Required or necessary as a result of a rule, law, custom, or moral duty; mandatory.


  1. Attending the safety briefing is obligatory before entering the construction site.
  2. Payment of taxes is an obligatory duty for all citizens.
  3. Wearing a seatbelt is obligatory to ensure passenger safety.

Synonyms: Mandatory, compulsory, required, necessary, binding.

Antonyms: Optional, voluntary, discretionary.


  1. Obligatory requirement: Meeting the obligatory requirement is essential to qualify for the scholarship.
  2. Obligatory duty: It is the obligatory duty of parents to provide for their children's well-being.
  3. Obligatory action: Filling out the form is an obligatory action for registration.


  1. Under obligation: By accepting the offer, she was under obligation to complete the task.
  2. Obliged to do something: He felt obliged to do something to help his neighbor.
  3. Obliged to: They were obliged to attend the meeting as representatives of their department.


  1. Obliged to say: He felt obliged to say something after the surprising announcement.
  2. Obliged to do one's duty: Despite the challenges, she felt obliged to do her duty.
  3. Feel obliged to: She felt obliged to express her gratitude for the help.


  1. Obligatory for all: The workshop is obligatory for all new employees.
  2. Obligatory to attend: It's obligatory to attend the orientation session.
  3. Obligatory on everyone: It's obligatory on everyone to follow the safety guidelines.

Word Family (noun):

  • Obligation (noun): A duty or commitment that is legally or morally binding.

Word Family (verb with prefix: "dis-"):

  • Disobligate (verb): To release or free from an obligation.

Word Family (noun with suffix: "-ist"):

  • Obligatorist (noun): A person who advocates for obligatory actions or duties.

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