Offing - REF

Offing (noun):Meaning: Refers to something that is likely to happen or appear soon; the near or foreseeable future.


  1. A vacation to a tropical island is in the offing for next summer.
  2. The company's expansion plans are in the offing as they seek new markets.
  3. With the election just around the corner, political changes are in the offing.

Synonyms: Near, imminent, forthcoming, upcoming, approaching.

Antonyms: Distant, remote, far-off, postponed, delayed.


  1. In the offing: A promotion might be in the offing for him due to his excellent performance.
  2. Changes in the offing: There are significant organizational changes in the offing.
  3. Development in the offing: A new technology breakthrough is in the offing.


  1. Be in the offing: A new project is in the offing for the company's future.
  2. Have something in the offing: She hinted that there might be a surprise in the offing.
  3. On the offing: The weather report suggested a storm might be on the offing.


  1. Opportunities in the offing: There are many exciting career opportunities in the offing.
  2. Changes on the offing: The organization is preparing for significant changes on the offing.
  3. Hopes in the offing: With new policies, there are high hopes in the offing.


  1. Changes in the offing: We're expecting some major changes in the offing.
  2. Progress in the offing: There's great progress in the offing with the latest technological advancements.
  3. Success in the offing: The team's hard work may lead to success in the offing.

Word Family (suffix: "-s"):

  • Offings (noun, plural): Possible future developments or events.

Word Family (suffix: "-ly"):

  • Offingly (adverb): In a manner that suggests something is likely to happen soon.

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