Opposite - REF

Opposite (noun/adjective):Meaning (noun): Something that is completely different or contrary in nature, direction, or character to something else.

Examples (noun):

  1. The opposite of hot is cold.
  2. The opposite of success is failure.
  3. His personality is the opposite of his twin brother's.

Synonyms (noun): Contrary, reverse, antithesis, contradiction, counterpoint.

Antonyms (noun): Similarity, sameness, resemblance, likeness, conformity.

Collocations (noun):

  1. Exact opposite: Her viewpoint is the exact opposite of mine.
  2. Polar opposite: Their opinions are polar opposites on the matter.
  3. Complete opposite: His behavior was the complete opposite of what we expected.

Expressions (noun):

  1. Complete opposite: They are a couple, but they are a complete opposite in terms of interests.
  2. Exact opposite: His reaction was the exact opposite of what we anticipated.

Phrases (noun):

  1. Total opposite: Her actions were the total opposite of what she had promised.
  2. Worlds apart: Their perspectives on the issue are worlds apart.

Meaning (adjective): Completely different or contrary in nature, direction, or character.

Examples (adjective):

  1. The opposite direction is the one you should take.
  2. Their personalities are opposite to each other.
  3. The opposite end of the spectrum represents a different viewpoint.

Synonyms (adjective): Contrary, conflicting, antithetical, contrasting, reverse.

Antonyms (adjective): Similar, alike, identical, corresponding, parallel.

Collocations (adjective):

  1. Direct opposite: Her opinion is the direct opposite of mine.
  2. Exact opposite: Their tastes are almost the exact opposite.
  3. Polar opposite: Their personalities are polar opposites.

Expressions (adjective):

  1. Complete opposite: Their strategies were complete opposites in approaching the challenge.
  2. Exact opposite: Their goals were the exact opposite of each other.

Phrases (adjective):

  1. Totally opposite: Their perspectives are totally opposite on this matter.
  2. Diametrically opposite: Their viewpoints are diametrically opposite to each other.
  3. Completely opposite: The two artworks convey completely opposite emotions.

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