Overhead - REF

Overhead (noun/adjective/adverb):Meaning (noun): The operating costs, expenses, or responsibilities incurred by a business or organization that are not directly tied to producing goods or services.

Examples (noun):

  1. The company is looking to reduce overhead by streamlining operations.
  2. The project's budget includes both direct costs and overhead expenses.
  3. Increasing efficiency can help lower overhead and improve profitability.

Synonyms (noun): Expenses, costs, outlay, charges, expenditures.

Antonyms (noun): Revenue, income, profit, gain, earnings.

Meaning (adjective): Situated above or higher in position; relating to costs or expenses not directly related to production.

Examples (adjective):

  1. The overhead lights illuminated the entire room.
  2. The overhead compartments on the airplane provided storage for luggage.
  3. The company implemented cost-cutting measures to address overhead expenses.

Synonyms (adjective): Upper, elevated, higher, above, aerial.

Antonyms (adjective): Lower, beneath, under, ground-level.

Meaning (adverb): Above, especially in position or place; above one's head.

Examples (adverb):

  1. The plane flew overhead as we watched from the ground.
  2. The speaker projected her voice so it could be heard overhead.
  3. The sky was clear, with a few clouds scattered overhead.

Synonyms (adverb): Above, aloft, high, skyward, upward.

Antonyms (adverb): Below, underfoot, beneath, downward.

Collocations (noun/adjective/adverb):

  1. Overhead costs: The company analyzed its overhead costs to improve efficiency.
  2. Overhead view: The drone provided an overhead view of the landscape.
  3. Overhead projection: The presenter used an overhead projection to display the data.

Idioms (noun/adjective/adverb):

  1. Overhead expenses: The budget includes overhead expenses like rent and utilities.
  2. Overhead light: She turned on the overhead light to brighten the room.
  3. Under someone's overhead: He felt safe and protected under his parents' overhead.

Expressions (noun/adjective/adverb):

  1. Overhead perspective: The artist painted the scene from an overhead perspective.
  2. Overhead announcement: The flight attendant made an overhead announcement about safety procedures.
  3. Overhead bin: Passengers stored their luggage in the overhead bins.

Phrases (noun/adjective/adverb):

  1. Reduce overhead: The company's goal is to reduce overhead through cost-saving measures.
  2. Visible overhead: The clouds provided some visible overhead cover on a hot day.
  3. Manage overhead: Effective management can help manage overhead efficiently.

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